PortBin Tide for Green Ports

PortBin Tide ÇöpKapar will clean Turkish Ports!

PortBin Trash Caps of the Norwegian company SpillTech have been added to our product portfolio.

PortBin Tide Litter Catcher makes ports greener and seas cleaner. It gives ports a visible “environmental credibility”.

PortBin ÇöpKapar is based on proven pollution-fighting equipment technology:

– Unlike its competitors, it floats itself and works with the tide 24/7.
– Due to its self-floating feature, special brackets, heavy mounting plates, etc. are required for the port. There are no difficulties. It is dropped into the water and its position is fixed with ropes.
– Captures floating waste such as bottles and cans.
– High efficiency.
– Strong.
– Simple.

PortBin Tide has 3 different versions:
Portbin Tide, Portbin Tide S (For shallow water) and Portbin Tide XL.

The collector volume of Portbin Tide XL is approximately 1000 liters and is transported by crane. Tide and Tide S can be easily transported and used without the need for any special equipment.

For detailed information, please visit: www.copkapar.com